Smart Living with Smart Solar System

Why Choose Us?

Adnan Solar Shop, has supplied

1-Solar inverters                                  2-Solar panels
3-Stands for solar panels                  4-Solar charge controller
5-DC solar cables                                 6-Battery chargers
7-Batteries                                             8-Db boxes
9-1kw to 10kw complete package    10-Circuit breakers
11-Hardware & tools                             12-Solar accessories
13-AC DC Fans                                       14-Mobile accessories
15-Ampere & Volt meters                    16-Clamp meters
17-Home appliances                             18- Extra Items

Adnan Solar Shop is focusing on system integration, sales and service with Youtube Channel. We are located at Satghara Mor, Faislabad road Okara, Punjab PK. For any Query you can contact us at 0344 9198236.